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About company

We are no story-tellers. We rather prefer facts, data, zeroes and ones. Here are some attractive numbers that can tell you our story:

  • we were founded in 2007 as a bunch of people who believed and still believe in webhosting
  • our first HW was a small server of HP brand
  • 2008, his older brother Intel and registration contract with SK-NIC came
  • 2009, we rented our first managed server
  • nowadays we are „host“ of big pharmaceutical companies (MSD, UCB, portal alergia.sk, etc.)
  • we host thousands of internet domains and web sites
  • we belong to the biggest registrars of .sk domains in the world
  • we currently operate dozens independent servers
  • we pulled down Slovak borders...in webhosting (no limitations in capacity of e-mail accounts, number of subdomains, multihosting, etc.)
  • as first in Slovakia, we launched the unique API service Elbia NIC for automatic registration of (not only) .sk domains
  • we already today offer services in areas where our rivals will come tomorrow...

Technical background


We use exclusively up-to-date technologies and first-quality hardware by Intel which is determined for server solutions so that your data are always wrapped in cotton wool. And that's not nearly everything we can provide. Physical security of your data in our data centre is secured by guard and camera system. Virtual security is covered by non-stop monitoring of service functionality and by alert of our administrators. To other strengths of our technologies belong e.g. redundant connection to Internet, two independent electrical circuits, UPS and diesel generator. There's no lack of other conveniences such as access to servers strictly by verifying biometrical data, fire alarm with automatic extinguishing system and chip keys. Briefly, technologies of tomorrow to your service today...



We care about future and we bring not only innovative products unlike the competitor's but intelligent green solutions as well. We convert the collocation environment protection into everyday practice, for example by drawing all our documents exclusively in electronic form. We use only servers with low electricity consumption and all the heat produced by the server centre is used to heat an entire block of flats. Such a recuperation of heat considerably cuts costs and brings (heart-)warming feeling from our eco-effort...